Use Any Location

All J2 Tanning locations are networked together, so just because you bought a package at one location, doesn’t mean you always have to use it there. Depending on your package, use up to 75 tanning units at 7 different locations!


Gift Cards

Give the gift of tan! Gift cards available for any amount. See your local location or order right online.

Why Our Customers Love J2 Tanning

Top Performing Units

From our standard beds, mid level stand ups, all the way up to high pressure units, you can be sure the bulbs will always be good.

Customer Service

Our customer service ranks among the top in the area. Our associates have been trained on everything from equipment and science of UV to lotions and what they do for your skin.

High Quality Lotions

We sell lotions from the world’s largest manufacturer, so you can be assured that they contain only top notch ingredients to help take your tan to the next level.


Dirty tanning bed? You won’t see one at J2 Tanning. Our 15 point room deep cleaning list provides the cleanest tanning experience in the area.